Which Country Will Be The First To Get The Corona Vaccine

Following a controversial statement by the head of the French pharmaceutical company Snoopy, which is involved in the development of the corona virus vaccine, a debate has now begun as to which country will receive the vaccine first if it is developed.

Paul Hudson head of Sanofi recently told Bloomberg in an interview that in the event of a successful corona virus vaccine, all initial orders would be placed in the United States, as he was the first to fund the company to develop the vaccine. Of

Following the statement, the French prime minister said that any successful vaccine would be distributed on an equal basis and that there was no room for debate.

Experts believe that the distribution of vaccines will expose the unjust system prevailing in the world.

About a dozen companies around the world are currently working on vaccines to eradicate the corona virus, including the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi.

Many countries have pledged 8 8 billion in aid for the coronavirus vaccine development and equitable distribution, but the United States has so far neither promised nor indicated any funding.

The White House has announced its own measures to develop the vaccine, dubbed "Operation Rape Speed" and has appointed a former GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) official to head the operation. What is it.

However, according to Foreign Policy Magazine, there are no such plans at all.

Rick Bright the former head of the US Bio-Advanced Research and Development Authority, a federal agency working on vaccine development, who was fired by the Trump administration last month, also recorded a statement in a US congressional committee yesterday.

Rick Bright told the committee that the United States has not yet made any plans for a fair supply of vaccines within its borders.

He said, We are running out of opportunity and if the second wave of this epidemic comes, the United States may face the darkest winter in modern history, 

US President Donald Trump has expressed confidence that a vaccine for the corona virus will be available by the end of this year, but many experts disagree.

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